Marketing & Operations Hero (CEO Saviour!)

Marketing & Operations Hero (CEO Saviour!)

Location:  Hybrid – Newcastle upon Tyne

At Lead Candidate, we get to work with some of the brightest minds, who are transforming the lives of millions of people through their work in life sciences.

Our customers are at the leading edge of science and innovation. From Covid-19 vaccines to Cancer treatments, their work, and as a result, ours is life-changing.

With Founders who have built super successful, international organisations, our team champions the incredible people, businesses, and opportunities that the pharma and bio-outsourcing space has to offer.

The recruitment landscape for this industry is out of date. So, we’ve set about bringing solutions and experiences that this incredible industry deserves.

We’re a year into our journey and we’re flying! With brilliant customers in the US and Europe – we’re ambitious and growing!  But… yes here’s the but,  there just isn’t enough hours in the day for our team to  cover all our business operations, alongside their most important job – delivering extraordinary talent acquisition and retention services to our clients.

We need help! And we’re looking for someone pretty special! Someone who shares our vision and ambition. Someone who cares. And someone that wants to work hard and travel across a global market.

So, could you be our CEO’s Saviour? Are you ready to get stuck in to support  our business operations and marketing – by getting  processes in shape, taking the strain, and helping get the word out about who we are and what we’re doing.

You will get to shape and deliver our marketing efforts, as part of our exciting growth strategy; in a collaborative, make it happen culture! At the same time, you will bring structure and organisation to our operations, seeking out ways for us to improve how we work and in doing so enhance our customer’s experience. We like doing things differently, after all you can’t politely disrupt the marketplace by doing things the same way as your competitors!!

Obviously, we’re biased, but we think this a brilliant gig! You’re probably a marketing or business graduate, or maybe you took the apprenticeship route.  Looking for a chance to prove yourself. It’s more than likely you’ll find traditional grad schemes and corporate business uninspiring and outdated. (And you’re probably not wrong!)

People with initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit are our life blood.  We need someone who is up for a challenge, not afraid of hard work and to bring energy, fresh thinking and fun.

If you think this sounds like you or want to know more then message apply@leadcandidate.com to say “Hi”.

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