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Engage with Lead Candidate and you engage with a partner that knows the pharmaceutical and biotech outsourcing space and understands the challenges of running a growing business in contract services with never-ending talent needs. We have walked in your shoes and know this industry inside out.

Our focus is on the global drug development, manufacturing and contract services sector. From drug discovery to commercial production. API and FDF, small and large molecule. CROs, CDMOs, CPOs. The bedrock of today’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. You know the space. And so do we.

Recruitment should be fun

Our aim is to deliver an experience that is unrecognisable from what you’re used to. To make recruitment feel like an enjoyable part of your day to day rather than the bit you dread.

No jargon, we promise

We don’t use silly ‘recruiter jargon’ that no one but recruiters understand. We use normal words and everyday business language that you can understand.