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We don't differentiate between those looking to hire and those looking to be hired. There is no such thing as client and candidate. Just goals, ambitions and challenges in equal measure. That is where we come in.

Lead Candidates network of marketing professionals proved invaluable for two reasons. First, it helped me understand the salary and candidate pool specific to the area I needed to hire. Second, their extensive network of professionals led to the right candidate that fit our growing business needs.

They were inquisitive about the project and took the time to understand the needs of both the opportunity and the culture of the company. Their extensive network of contacts was instrumental in making a successful hire.

Lynn Allen
Vice President Business Development, MedPharm Ltd

The candidates we had running for the position, particularly up to the finalists, were thoroughly peerless. It actually made for an incredibly difficult decision, but that was a good problem to have.

I even reached out to the candidates we didn’t select to let them know how top notch they were and that we’re going to keep them in mind.

Moshé A. Rosenberg
Sr. Manager of QA & Hiring Manager, INCOG BioPharma Services

Lead Candidate has set the standard for all other agencies… I never put my name behind companies and say, ‘you can trust these guys’ but for Lead Candidate, I say that.

I’ve never had a partner that was so willing to be authentic, get down into the mud with us right into the strategy and to figuring things out with us and be willing to be that thought partner and then take strategy into execution.

Courtney Scott
People & Culture Leader

Lead Candidate is unique in many ways – firstly, developing a partnership approach is central to everything they do. They provide a totally unique financial model, and their use of tools and video is exceptional.

Andrew offers a unique set of skills. He is a highly proficient and emotive communicator. He is open to learning and he builds relationships and connections with people easily, which enables him to make people feel comfortable, maintain their interest and keep people informed. He is a pleasure to work with and embodies Lead Candidate’s values.

Grant Merrill
CCO, AES Clean Technology

Megan was eager to offer advice and ensure I had all of the information I would need to be prepared for the interviews. I felt I had a hiring coach on my side, working to ensure I made the best impression possible. I must give Megan credit for her help and her encouragement throughout the stressful process.

John Riddle
Microbiology Method Transfer Scientist, INCOG BioPharma Services

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