Here’s everything you need to know about CDMO Advisor™

16.04.24 News

After many years of experience working with CDMOs, Bernardo Estupiñán, Founder and Managing Director at CDMO Advisor, saw a need for a simple way to connect those looking for outsourced support with the right service providers. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? That’s exactly what we thought. 

Although Lead Candidate is an organisation dedicated to driving growth through talent consultancy, CDMO Advisor aligns with our wider goal of doing whatever we can to support the space we know and operate in. That’s why we’re so pleased to be involved in the launch of this much needed platform.

Andrew Mears, CEO and Co-Founder at Lead Candidate, said: “When we founded Lead Candidate the overarching vision was to create an ecosystem that helps businesses in the pharma and bio outsourcing space grow and thrive. We’re passionate about promoting CDMO Advisor as it supports that vision and allows CDMOs to access the right opportunities that will allow them to succeed.”

Bernardo Estupiñán, said: “It’s great to have support from organisations that also understand the outsourcing space and I’m pleased that Lead Candidate has a shared vision of providing the sector with tools that simplify their processes and support their success.”

How does it work?

CDMO Advisor™ allows those looking for outsourced support to search for relevant service providers according to their specific project requirements.

The platform is offered free of charge to service users and relies on subscriptions from service providers and consultants in return for connecting them with the right customers. For subscribing Service Providers, the platform can deliver qualified leads in a matter of hours.
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