Noble-Purpose Leadership and CDMOs

13.12.23 Articles

Noble-purpose leadership” is a leadership style built upon the shared mission that drives a team to create a positive impact. This purpose is bigger than the team itself. Sound familiar? It’s an idea that couldn’t be more aligned with the mission of a CDMO where the ultimate goal is to better patient’s lives.

So, what can noble-purpose leadership look like in a CDMO?


Industry-leading CDMOs such as FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies and Sterling Pharma Solutions are emphasising the importance of shared noble-purpose and responsibility by reframing themselves as PDMOs (Partnership Development and Manufacturing Organisations). This concept highlights the collaboration and trust needed between the outsourcing partner and their customers to achieve the ultimate goal of helping people. 

This shared mission not only exists in the external partnership between the CDMO and their customers, but also internally between individual team members within the organisation. United by a wider purpose, the shared responsibility will drive increased collaboration across teams and departments, resulting in a more productive work environment.

Localising Supply Chains 

It’s no secret that CDMOs largely rely on complex global supply chains that are vulnerable to unpredictable situations. When Samsung Biologics realised that a more resilient supply chain was needed following the Covid-19 pandemic, a shared noble-purpose was utilised to localise its supply chain infrastructure in South Korea. 

Speaking on its success, the company said:

“It required all levels within the organization, as well as our global partners, to be aligned in purpose and understand the potential and the need. Uniting behind a shared vision was mission-critical, but obviously challenging and, in itself, a massive process with long-term commitment.”

As for future of supply chains, at this year’s CPHI, Gil Roth, President of the PBOA, said:

“The desire to restructure supply chains through onshoring, nearshoring, friendshoring, etc. will only gain steam in the U.S. and elsewhere”

Making it clear that supply chain structures will continue to be a hot topic of discussion and an area where leading with a shared noble-purpose has proven success.

Expanding a Noble-Purpose

CDMOs can take the concept of noble-purpose leadership and expand it beyond patient healthcare, as demonstrated by ten23 health, a purpose-driven CDMO based in Switzerland. At ten23, they put ‘Patients, People and Planet’ at the heart of their decisions, with a strong focus on sustainable practices. 

Speaking on this, Dr. Hanns-Christian Mahler, CEO at ten23, said:

“In 2015, the pharma sector created more than 50 megatons of carbon dioxide emissions, which, per revenue, is more than the automotive sector. Many people in pharma hide behind the fact that the industry does such important work for human health. Yes – we must prioritize and ensure patients and safety, but we also need to ask what we can do to lessen the impact of the industry on the environment.”

Ten23’s commitment to their sustainability goals not only flows throughout the company,  but also extends to the partnerships they form. Partners are asked to collaborate with ten23 and support their vision of a fair and sustainable world while also working together to provide vital healthcare. This goes to show that an organisation can lead with more than one noble-purpose. 

Concluding Thoughts

The integration of noble-purpose leadership within CDMOs highlights a shift towards value-driven collaboration and responsibility. This approach goes beyond external partnerships, influencing the inner workings of organisations and fostering improved teamwork and efficiency. As the pharma and bio outsourcing industry continues to evolve, embracing noble-purpose leadership is not only a strategic advantage but also a driving force for positive change – aligning CDMOs and their customers towards a collective vision of creating products that serve a greater purpose.

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