Supercharging the Candidate Experience

27.11.23 Articles

Not quite sure where the problems are within your hiring processes?

Struggling to convert candidates and hire the talent you need?

I can guarantee communication (or lack thereof) plays a big part in why you’re not seeing the results you want within your hiring.

Candidates across the CDMO sector are telling us that if the interview process is too lengthy or lacking in communication from the hiring team, they rapidly lose interest in the position. And guess what? Candidates have a choice, and they are voting with their feet! 

Job hunting is stressful enough, without the addition of  an uncertain recruitment process.

So… what can you do to avoid this happening?

We must begin where the process starts – within the hiring teams. It is vital that stellar communication is instilled between everyone involved; regular updates, sharing feedback, and ensuring everyone is on the same page. If this line of communication doesn’t exist at the start, it’s hard to build it back up down the line, and it’s difficult to ensure positive candidate experiences.

What can this look like?

Having a well-established briefing process greatly improves the structural stability of your hiring process. Whether this briefing is internal between your HR team and hiring managers, or external with your recruitment partner, there should be a conversation to really emphasize the indispensable aspects of the role and nail down the kind of background you’re expecting the candidate to have. Investing your time in building these solid foundations adds a safety net to your hiring process, makes sure it isn’t fragile, and ensures that it isn’t going to quickly unravel.

The CDMO market is small – (i.e people talk!) 

In an industry where relationships between companies and candidates look like a big spider web of connections, it is essential that candidates have a positive experience regardless of if their application is successful.

Ultimately, this means that if a decision has been made regarding a candidate, they need to be told as soon as possible, and provided with valuable, constructive feedback that will help them be successful in their next interview. Ensure that candidates aren’t waiting weeks between an initial phone screen or interview before hearing feedback. Or, if the timeline is stretching out a little, make sure that regular weekly touchpoints are established between the company and the candidate – this will help strengthen the relationship regardless of outcome.

Research found that:

  • 52% of candidates don’t want to attend more than two interviews before they receive a job offer 🤝
  • Candidates lost interest in their applications if they had to wait longer than 8 days for a ‘post-interview response’ 🗓️

Building a level of trust and transparency between hiring teams and candidates is integral to a successful hiring process. Candidates who feel they are kept informed at every stage of the process are more likely to trust the employer and the organisation. Open and transparent communication about the company culture, expectations, and the hiring timeline sets the tone for a healthy working relationship. When candidates are well-informed, they can make more confident decisions about whether the position aligns with their career goals and values. 

Of course, human error exists, and there will be times where messages can be missed or forgotten about, but if you aim to ensure a 99% effective communication method, think of all the candidates that will ultimately see success as a direct result of this. Effective communication throughout the hiring process is not merely a formality; it is vital and necessary. It builds trust, manages expectations, enhances the candidate experience, fosters collaboration within the hiring team, and reduces uncertainty. 

In an era where talent is a precious commodity, organisations that prioritize clear and consistent communication are better positioned to attract top candidates, create positive employer branding, and ultimately build a workforce that propels the company toward success.


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