The talent ecosystem: thinking forward

07.06.23 Conversations

“Life Sciences employment between the mid-noughties up to 2021 has grown by 131% in the US alone. That’s astronomical growth, and that kind of growth leads to problems if you haven’t got a talent supply chain set up to navigate that.”

Talent supply chain shortages continue to be a top concern across the life sciences industry, and the situation in the pharma and bio outsourcing sector is no different.

So what can be done to cultivate a sustainable talent ecosystem? Dan Stanton, Managing Editor at BioProcess Insider sat down with our CEO, Andrew to discuss:

  • Talent supply schemes
  • The importance of talent retention
  • Hiring the right people from the start
  • The pitfalls of transactional recruitment
  • How AI has a place in the industry
  • And much more…

Watch below:

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